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“A Most Incredible Talent: Studying the stained glass work of Robert N. Oddy will lift your appreciation of the art form to a new level. Oddy approaches design and glass selection with an astonishing new perspective that may leave you re-thinking the "limitations" of stained glass...”

(From a feature on the home page of the Spectrum Glass Company, July – Sept. 1997)

“A modern artist who does fascinating windows, demonstrating that the art of stained glass is alive and well today.”

(From a BBCi web page item on the history of stained glass, Jan. 2002)



"Just thought you'd like to know that I placed 1st at the Glass of the Gardens Show on September 12th. Thanks again for allowing me to use your patttern.”

- Lois

"Your work is truly spectacular! Never have I seen such glorious use of glass. You are an incredibly talented man."

"Your artistic talent leaves me speechless. You will no doubt be known as one of the stained glass greats of this century! I have been doing glass work for about five years and push my ability every time I pick up a pencil or cutter. Your work inspires me to keep pushing. Thank you for the inspiration."

"Your work sent chills through me and I am in awe at your artistry and workmanship. Very rarely have inanimate objects brought tears to my eyes, but the beauty of your work has done so."

"I am beginning a small home-based architectural stained glass and mosaic business here in San Diego, and, in doing some research, came across your site. Can I tell you how humbled I am by your work and how incredibly impressive it is?! Like you, I am primarily inspired by wildlife and nature but you have taken it to greater heights. You are truly an inspiration."

"I just happened to discover your website a few minutes ago, and my breath was completely taken away! Tiffany has always been my hero - but now, after looking at your works.........you are right up there with him. I love how your lines are squiggly and random and just so totally natural. I like the pieces that have wide-open spaces, and then one section will be filled with detail. Your trees are my favorites."

"One look at your wonderful stained-glass art would convince any sensible person, initiated or not, that you are a master; certainly that has been my experience, and pleasure. I will just add a simple "hats off" to your fund of accolades."

"I was awed by your work. I just returned from England and France where I met a lot of glass folk and was fortunate enough to spend a day at Gabrielle Loire studio in Chartres. Having just spent two weeks being totally inspired by cathedrals and private artists, I can honestly say that your work is awesome. Thank you for your web site; it was an inspiration."

"I am inspired! What gorgeous work!!! Oh, to one day be even a fraction as good as that! That is what I find so amazing about all of this - to create just beautiful "paintings" with glass pieces. To me, it takes much more talent to be able to do that in glass. As a painter, I know."

"But Bob Oddy has extraordinary talent, I mean really extraordinary. And I do believe that he knows how to do his research. If you have never seen his work in person, make a valiant effort the next time it is on display. It is awe inspiring as well as just plain inspiring. I could have all the finest teachers in the world and never even come close to his talent. His works do inspire me to not take the easy way out on any design, and for that alone I would admire him."

"I don't know that I can find words to describe how absolutely marvelous your work is. What you do Mr. Oddy ISN'T stained glass -- it's first class ART. I admire that you were able to turn your full time profession to stained glass. You have a true talent and I'm glad you are able to turn your time and energy completely to something you clearly love to do. … You have a lot to offer the world."

"I enjoyed your web page very much. Having owned a few signed Tiffany lamps and having seen about two dozen of his religious and residential leaded glass windows, I can relate to the sophistication in your work. Beyond that, I believe your work is very special because it doesn't try to look like Tiffany; you have your own look and it's very appealing. You have created rather than copied."

"I came across your incredible work by doing research for a stained glass web site I am working on. ... I am glad you are focusing your attention on your art. It is apparent to me that you are listening to your heart because the expression of your creations shouts volumes. "

"I have never been so moved by stained glass as I am with yours."

"I happened across your electronic portfolio while browsing the AISG website. I am amazed at how evolved your work is beyond any I've seen. I have been a designer, teacher and student of stained glass for over 15 years."

"I would like to say how much I admire your work. I have seen it in magazines, postcards and on the web and it's really unique in it's attention to detail! "

"Totally clear instructions & clear drawing."

"Loved the pattern thank you so much, I will enjoy doing it and I'm looking forward to the finished project."

- Mary

"I'm not a big fan of overlays, but your pattern is one of the best I've seen."

- Wayne Zarnecki

"Thank you for the pattern and the time."

"Thank you so much for the pattern. I plan to use it in the near future. It came through clear and the instructions were great."

"I'm still pretty much a beginner at stained glass and I'm looking forward to doing this pattern, it may take me awhile but I will try my best! Thank you for giving me the opportunity!!"

- Sandy

"Pattern is well drawn and clear, and well marked for proper colours and wire placement."

- Kathy Worth

"Excellent description of the steps to produce the design."

"The directions are easy to follow, even for someone without much experience in stained glass."

"I have been in the glass business for years. I have learned a lot from this pattern. It has opened up a new world for me. Thanks."

- Jacque Mittendorf

"What a great idea! These books give advice and instruction needed to make these breath taking pieces. Thank you for all you do to help your fellow stained glass artists!"

- Marjorie Pitzer

"Practical for those who are just initiating their glass work and enjoyable for those with more experience. There is always something to learn!"

"You have some great patterns. Better than any I have seen."

- Barbara Jackson

"This is the best pattern I have ever seen. Clear drawings, excellent instructions. I hope that I have the skill to produce this beautiful work of art.

Thank You."

- Jim O'Shaughnessy

"Beautiful pattern. So different to anything I have seen before. Very clever."

- Ann Grady


I love the tip about black backed foil on the stems to make them look rounded. Great tip.

For years I have been battling split foil on inside curves, how simple to lay foil and then trim to fit. Why did't I think of that? Thanks a lot!

I am going to build this project probably next month.

I am glad I signed up with you guys. You will hear more from me in the future.

Thanks again."

- Don DeLay

"I've always admired your work and am very excited at this opportunity to learn some of your techniques."

- Betty Perry

"Very complete and good suggestions for colors, grain pattern, and supplies needed. With all this help who could resist creating this piece of art."

- Frank Philipp

"Great pattern. Always interested in wildlife patterns."

- H Perry

"The directions and pattern are very clear and detailed. Beautiful piece!"

- Lynn Whitworth

"Very clear and detailed instructions. Obvious attention to details."

- Syrus Erp

"The instruction booklet is very detail oriented, but easy to follow. I love the "little trick" that are provided - helping me to be a better stained glass artist."

- Sue Guilbeau

"Easy to understand and with many practical tips."


I am thrilled to receive a copy of this beaufiful pattern and cannot wait to get started with it."

"Great site, download super fast! Thank you for the beautiful art."

- Gloria

"Beautiful presentation and a wonderful pattern to add to my collection. I especially appreciate your follow-up and, most importantly, the fact that you offered this amazing pattern and instructions for free!"

- Evelyn Conner

"The instructions are clear and will be easy to follow."

"Very helpful in getting the item to me. Pattern is clear and easy to follow. I look forward to making it. Thank you."

- Mary Anne Maslanka

"I loved your detailed instructions. I have a few projects going right now but the Amaryllis is on the list and I feel that due to your complete instructions, I will have a very easy time of it. Thank You"

- Leslee

As always the product is excellent.

Best regards."

- Hugo Abad

"I love the amaryllis pattern you gave to me. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The finished work is nothing short of absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
Happy Glassing!!!!!!"

- Leona

"I found it fascinating...it explained a lot to me about how it is done and I appreciate that."

- Roma Wridge

"I have not had the opportunity to use the materials but in previewing them they look excellent. Very well written and illustrated. Thank you for giving me this valuable opportunity."

- James R

"Amazing what can be achieved when you think outside the box. Thanks for helping me look outside the box."

- Jerry

"I haven't gotten to use the patterns as yet but I love the detail and the step by step directions. I'm very excited to use my new saw and create these wonderful panels."

"Unique design and innovative style. My hats off to you to allow people to use your creative ideas without any reservations. I marvel at not only your work but your philosophy as well. I am glad I got to know you."

- Rohinton

"Absolutely beautiful. I feel as though I could make this without a lot of trouble. Thank you very much for the sample pattern."

"The pattern and the instructions looked to be thorough. Love the subject matter and how the finished product looks."

"Clear instructions and pictures very easy to follow."

"The tutorial in the book is excellent and the pictures showing various procedures like foil overlay and tack soldering are first class."

- Don Myher

"Very well written. Easy to understand. I just hope Iam worth of the challenge!

Thank you."

- Ann Grady

"One word comes to mind "outstanding" love and light."

- Susan Brandt

"Beautiful glass work."

"I think it will be beautiful when I do it. Currently I am finishing up another project. This one looks a bit more daunting than anything I have done, but my teacher says I should have no problems with it. I am looking forward to the finished product."

"Very clear and well written."

"The instructions are so detailed and the pattern is beautiful. It is, however, a little beyond my skill level at this time. When I do make it, which shouldn't be too long, I will let you know how it turns out."

- Shirley B. Whitehouse

"I am thrilled to recieve such a quality pattern for free and can't wait till I try it!"

- Pamela Turcot

I was tickled that glass-ordering details were included, and I was also happy to see that you were willing to share some "Oddy" techniques in the instructions.
My only suggestion is to expand your offerings!

Thank you."

- Randy Morgan

"The directions as well as the illustrations were very clear and easy to understand."

"The detail of the instructions with pictures are great. I just love the oak tree, but it will have to wait until I complete the koi fish."

"Very good patterns as I said before. I look forward to more."

- Jim Quinn

"I am impressed with the instruction manuals. It looks like Bob's techniques will be easy to learn from the detailed instructions."

- Sue Spire

"Very nice pattern and easy to understand details."

- Don

"Very appropriate for hobbyists who may have found the Bamboo plated panel too difficult. That includes myself. I certainly want to try to do the Bamboo panel, but not just yet. Thank you so much for offering these beautiful patterns. They will certainly whet my appetitite for more patterns in the future."

"Very well done. Better than any other I've seen."

- Rollie Baldwin

"Beautiful pattern. I can't wait to make it. Love it, simply loved it!"

- Judy Absher

"Once again, an extremely beautiful design. Thank you so much for the free copy."

- Ann Grady

"It is a very beautiful pattern and I cant wait to try it out. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you."

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