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I use email delivery for all of the files you request or purchase. You will receive an email with download instructions for every file. Once you have downloaded a file, you will not be able to use the same link to download it again. This is to protect the content from illegal distribution.

However, occasionally emails get lost, downloads fail and files get accidentally deleted. If you have a legitimate need to re-download a file, I'm happy to help.

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A quick note about printing the patterns.

In order to protect Bob's designs from unauthorized distribution and reproduction, as well as to give you the highest quality and most accurate reproduction of the patterns to work from, we chose to use the PDF format with a stamped license authorization. However, this can make it somewhat difficult to print on normal size printers. Our recommendation is always to print the patterns on large format paper whenever possible for the best workable surface. Companies like FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) provide such a service for a very reasonable cost. Here's a link to their site on which you'll find a "Find a FedEx Office" option to locate a store near you.

For those of you using a Mac computer there is also a very handy free tiler tool available at which will let you print the designs on multiple pages on your smaller printer. However, we would recommend that large format still be your first choice whenever possible.

A lot of work has gone into the resources on this site. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of any files obtained from this site is strictly prohibited. Please use this support option only where required for your own personal file recovery.