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This design is one of Bob's favorites and is a frequent topic of conversation among other artists. It uses an innovating technique to create a large borderless moon behind a cluister of bamboo and will be a great addition to your collection. This was also one of Bob's first full size windows and remains in his personal collection as the window to his front door.

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Here are some of the user comments concerning this product:

"Unique design and innovative style. My hats off to you to allow people to use your creative ideas without any reservations. I marvel at not only your work but your philosophy as well. I am glad I got to know you."

- Rohinton

"One word comes to mind "outstanding" love and light."

- Susan Brandt

"This is the best pattern I have ever seen. Clear drawings, excellent instructions. I hope that I have the skill to produce this beautiful work of art.

Thank You."

- Jim O'Shaughnessy

"I found it explained a lot to me about how it is done and I appreciate that."

- Roma Wridge

"Beautiful pattern. So different to anything I have seen before. Very clever."

- Ann Grady

"The instructions are so detailed and the pattern is beautiful. It is, however, a little beyond my skill level at this time. When I do make it, which shouldn't be too long, I will let you know how it turns out."

- Shirley B. Whitehouse

"The pattern is very involved. I have some great ideas from your pattern."

- Colin Burdett

"The pattern and the instructions looked to be thorough. Love the subject matter and how the finished product looks."

"Very clear and detailed instructions. Obvious attention to details."

- Syrus Erp

"Beautiful presentation and a wonderful pattern to add to my collection. I especially appreciate your follow-up and, most importantly, the fact that you offered this amazing pattern and instructions for free!"

- Evelyn Conner

"This is a wonderful pattern. Instructions are not for beginners, however everyone else should get along fine."

- Julie Thornton

"I think it will be beautiful when I do it. Currently I am finishing up another project. This one looks a bit more daunting than anything I have done, but my teacher says I should have no problems with it. I am looking forward to the finished product."

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