The Robert Oddy Supplemental Collection #3

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A set of designs based on customer requests for those most popular patterns not included in The Robert Oddy Starter Collection.

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All of our design patterns feature these terrific benefits:

  • Stunning visual appeal designed and illustrated by an internationally acclaimed artist.
  • Full-color instructional guides for every step in the construction process.
  • Full-scale design patterns ready to print as many times as you need for your project.
  • Supply lists for each design to help make sure you have everything you need.
  • Extra construction tips take you beyond the simple skills you learned as a beginner!

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  • BambooFeatured Design Pattern #1: Bamboo

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  • CallaFeatured Design Pattern #2: Calla

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  • IrisFeatured Design Pattern #3: Iris

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  • MagnoliaFeatured Design Pattern #4: Magnolia

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  • Oak TreeFeatured Design Pattern #5: Oak Tree

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  • Water LilyFeatured Design Pattern #6: Water Lily

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Let's take a closer look at the amazing designs included in this collection:

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Size: 28½" x 24"

This design is one of Bob's favorites and is a frequent topic of conversation among other artists. It uses an innovating technique to create a large borderless moon behind a cluister of bamboo and will be a great addition to your collection. This was also one of Bob's first full size windows and remains in his personal collection as the window to his front door.



Size: 11" x 12"

Lilies of all kinds make wonderful subjects for stained glass art. The graceful lines of the petals as the trumpet-like blossoms unfold inspire satisfying compositions for small panels and ornaments as well as larger windows. In this cluster of white calla lilies Bon has used techniques that he frequently employs in his larger pieces.



Size: 8¼" x 12½"

Flowers must be the most popular subjects for stained glass work, and Bob's work is no exception. The colors and forms of flowers provide endless opportunities for exploring our medium. This pattern is a free-form ornament to be hung in a window, and it is typical of the work in Bob's larger windows, where he tries to create life-like impressions using fairly traditional stained glass techniques.



Size: 16" x 14"

Saucer Magnolia is among the magnificent early blooming trees that manage every year to banish our memories of winter. It is also a classic subject for stained glass compositions using drapery glass since the days of L.C. Tiffany. This project is a small example in this tradition.

Oak Tree

Oak Tree

Size: 18½" x 15"

When Bob designed this panel, we in Central New York were still in the grip of mid-winter. One of his pleasures at this time of year is the sight of bare limbs of grand old trees revealed as silhouettes against the winter sky. The tree he has chosen for this project is a quercus robur, usually known as the English Oak. It grows all over northern Europe, and was extensively “harvested” in the 16th Century to build the ships of the English and other European navies.

Water Lily

Water Lily

Size: 15" x 15"

In this Water Lily panel, Bob has tried to give a sense of three-dimensionality to an otherwise quite straightforward design. The curves and folds in the flower petals are brought out by suitable choices of light and dark pink glass, and the contours of the leaves are suggested by the deeply shaded undersides and the curve of the subtly painted veins.

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